Types of Phone Repairs. Screen, Battery, Button Repair

Types of Phone Repairs

08 Jul 2021

Cracked Screen

Most smartphone repairs have to do with a cracked or damaged screen. To repair the screen the touch screen (external) must be replaced along with the internal LCD screen if the damage is extensive. Here we can quickly and correctly replace and fix your cracked screen and ensure that it will work correctly for years to come! 

You may choose between tempered and non-tempered glass. Tempered glass is the more expensive option of the two however, it offers a wide range of advantages that may offset the price. Tempered glass is glass that has been strengthened using heat or chemicals to resist damage and breakage. 

Non-tempered glass screen replacements are the cheaper of the two. Non-tempered glass screens can also be covered with protective cases or screen coverings that give your phone extra protection without the cost of a tempered glass replacement. Talk to our professionals about pricing options for tempered and non-tempered glass replacements given your type of phone and model. We will help you decide which screen replacement is right for your budget and lifestyle. 

Dead Battery

If your smartphone battery no longer holds a charge or fluctuates in battery percentage, it may be time for a replacement. The issue may be damage, malfunction, or overuse. We will correctly diagnose and fix the problem with your smartphone battery and return your smartphone to its optimal use. Batteries are easily removable and can be replaced for around $100. 

Charge Port Repair

Charging ports can be damaged easily with the removal and connection of the charging cord. This can move, bend, or damage the internal charging port components and cause charging issues. Let us diagnose and fix your charging port problems. We can quickly and correctly replace your charging port and fix the internal damage your smartphone may have sustained. 

Broken Power Button

A broken power button may inhibit you from turning your phone on and off. This can happen easily from everyday wear and tear or drops that may cause damage. Our professional technicians can repair your smartphone power button to get it working quickly. This will return your cell phone back to its prime working condition. 

Broken Headphone Jack

If the sound from your smart phone is crackling or fading in your headphones, the problem is most likely with the headphone jack. Our professionals will diagnose the problem with your phone and help you fix the problem. In just a short time you will be able to listen to and enjoy your music with a clear sound.  

Water Damage

When your phone comes in contact with liquid it can cause damage. Water damage repairs are different depending on the extent of the damage done to the hardware component and the motherboard of the phone. We will expertly dry, remove, and repair the damage the water has left behind and get your smartphone running again. 


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