Is the iPhone 12 Waterproof? What is the IP rating?

Is the iPhone 12 Waterproof?

01 Dec 2021

What do you pay attention to when buying a phone? 

What do you pay attention to when buying a new smartphone? Its camera, processor, operating system, RAM and storage are among the criteria that many users pay attention to. What about their dust and water resistance?

Is the iPhone 12 waterproof?

According to the International Electrotechnical Commission, iPhone 12 with an IP68 waterproof rating is not protected against high pressures or temperatures. That's why Apple recommends that you don't swim, shower, bathe, or do water sports with the iPhone 12.

What is the IP rating?

The IP rating is the official certification awarded to a mobile phone after it has been tested for dust and liquid resistance. A smartphone will only be tested for this rating if the manufacturer thinks it will add value.

This means that if a phone is not water resistant at all, it is unlikely to have an IP rating. That doesn't mean it's not always resistant, just unconfirmed. Even once a phone has an IP rating, it can be damaged by water. Each IP rating will have different limitations, especially when it comes to resistance to liquids.

Can You Take a Shower With Your iPhone?

Today, especially the devices we call flagships have IP68 dust and water resistance certificates. Apple's new generation iPhone model iPhone 12 also has water resistance. Of course, if Apple has such a claim, there are also those who want to test this claim.


The YouTube channel EverythingApplePro EAP decided to test this claim of the iPhone 12 and placed the iPhone 11 alongside the iPhone 12. It tested the water resistance of both devices with increasing depths.

Stating that iPhone devices do not have water resistance yet, channel owner Filip Koroy stated that he performed water resistance tests, placed both devices in a box and tested their durability at a depth of 2 meters for the first time. After about half an hour, both devices managed to pass the test while continuing to work functionally.

He later reduced the depth to 5.49 meters. Koroy put a few stones inside the box so that the box could reach the depth at this distance. Both devices successfully escaped from this depth of approximately 6 meters. Filip Koroy immersed the devices, which successfully passed both tests, to a depth of 9.14 meters for the third time. Both iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 managed to survive a depth of 9 meters after 20 minutes.

We also tested iPhone 12

We took photos underwater

We tested our phone when we traveled this summer. The test we conducted in the Caspian Sea of the city of Baku in the Caucasus surprised us. We share the photos we took there with you.

Our highly unscientific test would suggest that the iPhone 12 can withstand very deep water and clearly meets the IP68 claim. But like all electronics, it does have a limit to how much water it can take -- and you should never intentionally submerge the phone in water (lake or otherwise).

As with our earlier water experiment with the iPhone 11, your results may vary. Also remember that water damage is not covered under warranty.

What Can I do?

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