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Fixing your Tablet Charge Port

11 May 2021

Has your tablet stopped charging? Are you looking for tablet repair and wondering how heavy will it fall on your pocket? Well, in that case, you've come to the right place. In this article, we talk about what possibly went wrong with your tablet charging port, what you can do (we spill out some DIY secret solutions too!), and how much it will cost for a tablet repair.
Are you sure that it is your charger port that needs repair? Do the following things to know
(Note: Do not forget to reduce the brightness of your tablet and put it on airplane mode. This will enhance the battery life of your tablet and give you more time to troubleshoot and rectify the charging issue)

1.Use a different source of power

It may be the power source you're using that is faulty and not the tablet charging port. Switch over to a different source or adapter to see if that works.

2.Check the charging cable & wall adapter

Repeated folding, wrapping, and rewrapping make the charging cables prone to wear and tear, especially their tips. 

Wall adapters, too, could be broken. This is even more likely if the adapter is one with a removable USB cable.

These are common problems for your tablet not charging.

3.Charge with the tablet switched off

Intensive use of the tablet such as playing games, watching movies, or using any other power-thirsty app for hours could result in the drainage of the battery even when put on charge. Try switching off your device and then charging it.

Battery issue

A charging problem may also arise because of your tablet's battery. Hardly any new model tablet has a removable battery hence going to a professional for replacement/repair could be the only option.

Sometimes the solution to a charging issue can be as simple as rebooting your tablet or not using your tablet when charging. We recommend you never ignore these simple remedies!

What Went Wrong With Your Charging Port

If after trying all the above methods, your tablet still isn't charging, it is time to announce that it is indeed the tablet charging port that needs repair.

A bent metal connector is small in size, but extremely important for the functioning of the charging port, a metal connector may get bent for whatever reason. A bent metal connector means that the charging cable won't be able to make a proper connection with the USB port. How to fix a bent metal connector? Are you tech-savvy? Well, the good news is that to repair a bent metal connector, you don't have to be one. Follow these simple DIY steps for charging port tablet repair:

Step #1: Switch off the tablet and remove the battery (only applicable for removable battery tablets)

Step #2: Take a small pin (or forceps) or something similar in size

Step #3: Use the small-sized tool to straighten the bent metal connector inside the tablet's USB port

Step #4: Put the battery back in, switch on the tablet, and try charging again

Tip: Do not be too hasty with Step #3 - go slow and take it easy!

A disturbance inside the USB port

Granular particles such as pocket lint or dust particles can often be the disrupting element inside the charging port.

How to remove granules (pocket lint) from the USB port

This is an easy 2-step process:

Step #1: Take a can of compressed air 

Step #2: Use the can to blow the granular particles out of the USB port

Professional Help When Everything Fails

Have you tried all the DIY stuff but still failed to get your tablet to charge? Maybe the entire charging unit needs to be replaced or the repair is too technical for you - It's time to seek professional aid now!

Simply go to Google and type "Tablet repair near me" and you will get a list of repair shops in your proximity that can help you out.

How Much Will It Cost For Tablet Repair - Charging Port

You primarily have 3 options to execute a charging port repair and the costs are decided based on what method you choose.

Manufacturer Repair

If you get your tablet repaired by the table company's service center, the repair cost could fall anywhere between $40-100 depending on the model.

Fixable Device Repair

This is a relatively cheaper option than method #1 but will also not give you the same surety or guarantee - the call is yours! By ordering through our app, our technicians come to your door and service your equipment at your own convenience. 

DIY Repair

You could always carry out the table repair yourself. The repair kit will cost around $5 and the replacement parts between $5-20 making this the cheapest method.

If you suspect a charging port issue, verify it by using a different charger, power source, or battery. You can always use the above-mentioned DIY solutions for your tablet repair or seek professional help from FixableDevice in NYC. 


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