A Few Tips to Make Using iPhone Easier. Check & Learn More

A Few Tips to Make Using iPhone Easier

19 Jan 2022

Apple's products are known for their simplicity and ease of use. Most of us already know that Apple acted with this thought when designing the iPhone. But despite that, there are a few simple ways to make iPhone more usable than it already is. Here are a few of them...

1 - One-Handed Keyboard Control

One-handed keyboard control has become a much-loved feature and is growing in popularity. Previously, typing with one hand was a bit difficult on Plus models of the iPhone. However, Apple fixed this situation with iOS 11.

Thanks to this feature, you can use the keyboard either on the right or on the left. All you have to do is touch and hold the keyboard icon. Then you can choose the side you want and adjust the direction of the keyboard.

You can also permanently set your keyboard in the direction you want by following the Settings>> General>> Keyboards>> One Handed Keyboard sequence.

2 - Easier Text Reading

Reading text on an iPhone with a small screen can be a bit tiring. Fortunately, there is a way to make text larger and easier to read on iPhone.

You can go to Settings>>General>>Accessibility>>Large Text, set the size you want and make the texts easier to read. You can also make the text bolder by choosing the bold font from the accessibility menu.

3- Creating Custom Vibration

If you are like most iPhone users, you will receive several different notifications during the day such as email, text, call. The way to get rid of notification sounds is to mute the phone. However, you can create vibrations so that you can tell which notification is coming even when your phone is on silent. In this way, you will not miss a notification that is important to you.

Tap Settings>>Sounds(choose notification type)>>Create New Vibration by following the vibration order. Then follow the instructions you need to do.

Here you can assign the desired vibration for the notification you want. That’s all!

4 - Faster Photo Sending

Thanks to Airdrop, you can transfer files (town, video, photo, etc.) between your Apple devices faster.

To send photos, videos or documents with Airdrop, just go to the "Share" section. If AirDrop is set up correctly, a list of nearby devices to which you can send documents will appear on your phone's screen. Select the device to send from here and start the sending process. It's that easy.

5 - Undo the Last Transaction

There is a fun way to undo what you did on iPhone. All you have to do is shake the iPhone. After shaking your phone, a text appears on the screen to undo the operation. From here you can undo your last action in a fun way by tapping “Undo”.

6 - Using Siri with Hands-Free

By activating the "Hey Siri" feature on your iPhone, you can communicate with Siri without touching your phone. This feature is available for iPhone 6s and higher models.

You can control Siri without touching your phone and use it easily by giving voice commands to it.
You can activate the feature by following:Settings>>General>>Siri>>Hey Siri.


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